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• 12/9/2018

What is error 400?

I can't get in to multiplayer.

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• 12/5/2018
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• 11/19/2018
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• 8/31/2018

Keys not unlocking chests?

I've got a copper key, and a copper chest, but when I drag the key to the chest, it just drops the key back to the item slot where I picked it up... any ideas? Also, im getting quite annoyed about trying to move items around, OCD organization, and the stacks split the first time I try to move them... also to note, I'm a noob... thanks in advance.
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• 7/24/2018

Problem going into my main character

I can go into my othee character player_6595 but i cant enter my main one what shoukd i do ?
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• 5/20/2018

Ayuda para matar al 3 boss (Help to kill the boss of the 3 cave)

La verdad es que estiendo el ingles pero me cuesta escribirlo pido ayuda en español o en ingles me he quedado trancado en esta parte del juego y no logro pasar de esa parte he intentado de todo pero es muy fuerte que consejos me dan en español o en ingles para poder matarlo y seguir con el siguiente boss(The truth is that I learn English but I have difficulty writing it. I ask for help in Spanish or in English. I have been locked in this part of the game and I have not managed to pass from that part. I have tried everything but it is very strong that advice is given to me in Spanish or in English to be able to kill him and continue with the next boss)

todo esto lo traduci con el el traductor de google si ven errores disculpenme(All this I translated it with the translator of google if they see errors excuse me)
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• 4/1/2018

Please Help! I'm sorry if I did something wrong! :'(

I have played PSG1 and PSG2, the I saw PSG3 come out and loved the game since I first started playing. I play it every week, more than PC games, for almost 10 months now. I noticed that you could earn diamonds by completing quests or by watching ads. Every time I saved enough to buy a key but got something bad, I just assumed that I was unlucky. Then the hell chest and hell key came out.
I saved up with diamonds from daily spins and ads for about 1 month and finally got the 350 I needed. I unlocked the hell chest and was really happy with my new bone shield. But I was determined to save up for the key and chest again. Another month has passed and I bought them. I unlocked it and got...another bone shield(same type). Being someone who is too young to work and whose parents do not allow pocket money, I was slightly frustrated. I admit that I tried to cloud load(for the first time,at that point) to get back the diamonds I took so long to save. But I cloud loaded my game data from a while back, which was, the wrong one as I found that I only have my first bone shield from the hell chest and only a few diamonds. So I ended up without the diamonds I saved and even without the second bone shield which I didn't want.
But I didn't stop playing PSG3. However, when I was playing PvP survival mode, my phone troubleshooted and I lost my main items(my cow that I bought with diamonds etc.) so I tried to cloud load again. And I did.
But the final time was when I got a bit frustrated; I have an app which helps me to clear junk on my phone and it wiped out lots of my apps(including PSG3) when I accidentally pressed something. So I reinstalled my apps, along with PSG3 and cloud loaded (again, as I have lost everything). I saw that my other characters were back, but I could not access the main character I usually play with, nor could I go on multiplayer. The system told me to contact support via email so I did it immediately. I understand that Cowbeans is busy but it has been 2-3 days and I'm really frustrated that I cannot play my main character that has all of my hard work.
I checked online for information and someone told me that my character has been locked, that it happens to people who cheat by cloud loading. I am really confused as I never intended to cheat and didn't receive any notifications(the incident with the hell chest failed anyway, but I wasn't sad).
Cowbeans please help me to restore my game data, I really want to continue playing PSG3 and I am truly sorry if I have done anything wrong (and I won't do it again if I have). So pleeeease Cowbeans, please help me! :'( 😭😭😭😭😭

Username : theyeti
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• 3/25/2018

No more resources

No matter where I walk around the island... there's no more fibre and grass for me to harvest! And this is a problem as I won't be able to craft strings and in return I can't craft any axe or spade to get more leafs to do strings. HELP~
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• 3/11/2018
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• 3/2/2018

Floor 4 gold ore question

How many ingame days do you guys wait for until the gold ore in floor 4 regenerates?
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• 2/17/2018


i need help on how to use the tables like,evil altar,fermentor and caskets.etc.
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• 2/17/2018

Tips on getting locked silver chest,gold and copper chests?

i have 2 silver,1gold and copper keys,but no chests :(
please tell me where to get silver treasure chest fast
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• 2/12/2018


how do you get dimonds i have no idea in the heck of the world?!
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• 2/11/2018

How do you get erbium, I can't seem to find the way :(

And can someone please tell me? :(

Also, why is the Wikia so inactive???
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• 2/8/2018

Durian Questions/Farming Questions

Say... For durians, does the speed of the growth increase when you water it more than once per 24 hours???
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• 2/7/2018

Trouble with a boss quest.

I had been killing quest bosses for advancing to floor 2 and 3, it was really easy with the bows. But the boss for unlocking floor 4 is really hard(It's the green ghost boss or the Devil)... I bought 2 Dark Bow, did some good damage(lowered the boss by 5 percent health or less) then I shot the boss 100 times when I found out I barely did any damage to it after I died :( I wasted 100 arrows(I had 600 ready btw since 600x5=3k damage). How do I beat the Devil to unlock floor 4? :( Please tell me!
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• 2/5/2018


How to find a new friend a merchant. I have build all the table but I can't find any one how to find them all. How to find devil Cristal
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• 1/16/2018

Suggestion online

Hi guys, I have some few suggestion to make in order to solve the poor online player interaction:
1- command: /permition (player name) to allow a player to freely create building and destroy then and also to go underground ( if possible whitout bringing other players)
2- new storage chest: each players has acess only to his own chest, wich is kinda good, but i would be nice if could create 'public chests' to share with our friends
3- command: /deal (player name) so that you can trade with others
4- command : /give (player name) [holding the specific item] to give it for free to someone.
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• 1/15/2018


My water sprinkler is not work what do I do? I ve been watering it manually
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