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• 8/15/2017

A new boss that you must add

It will be named: Caveman

-It resembles an elder goblin, but twice as big, and its skin colour is different, his beard will turn brown, has a Viking hat, and uses a mace
-Its health is really high (about 35000-40000)
-Does a lot of damage, can inflict stunned debuff for 5-10 seconds
-Drops Erbium, scroll of enchantment - stun (rarely), goblin crystal (has a dark red colour, 90 per cent), keys (1 of the 5 keys will always drop, they have 22 per cent chance), viking hat (rarely, can give you 7 defence and 7 magical defence), and even potions (specially greater orange potions)
-found in cave level 7 as the final boss
-it is a TRUE PAIN to kill

Can you add it, Cowbeans? Or the Giant Fire Wizard will be added?
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• 8/15/2017
It will also be considered. =)
• 8/15/2017
Even cave 8 will ne also added, with more difficult enemies, and even Erbium ore walls, even evil trees can spawn, unlocked after defeating the Caveman and the Blazing Mage
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