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That perverted cat
• 8/16/2017

Add new ores, and enemies

Can Cowbeans add new tools and items?


-Platinum: found in cave 5, needs at least a silver pickaxe, colour is light green
-Cobalt: found in cave 6, needs at least a hell pickaxe, bluish gray colour
-Palladium: found in cave 6, needs at least a cobalt pickaxe, it is coloured light gray
-Mithril*: found in cave 7, needs a palladium pickaxe, colour is blue
-Adamant*: found in cave 8 (needs killing caveman), needs a mithril pickaxe, grey as iron but with sky blue outlines

Note: "*" means it is fictional


-HellStone tools - can mine cobalt, armour has 10 defence and 10 magical defence (resembles silver armour but with a fiery sheen)
-Cobalt tools -can mine palladium, armour does have 12 defence (looks like copper armour, even light blue)
-Palladium tools - can mine everything but adamant, armour has 14 magic defence
-Mithril tools - can mine even adamant, armour is craftable
-Adamant tools - same tier as mithril, but even more op, 14 armour defence
-Platinum tools - can mine erbium, like gold, but armour gives you 4 defence and 4 magical defence

Platinum tools need an anvil, later tier tools are very op and need evil anvil


-Pearls - found only by fishing, it resemble topaz, but with white
-Serpentine - green gem found in level 3 caves, mined using iron
-Obsidian - black semiprecious stone found in cave 7, used to make tools
-Amber - yellow-orange gem found in caves, resembles raw erbium

-Mudstone building materials - made using 2 mud and 2 stone, requires level 1 crafting
-Bloodstone walls - made of 4 stone and 1 strawberry
-Metal slab furniture - made using 2 metals for wall, 2 ores for tile made at anvil (has 3 types: copper,iron, and erbium)

-Dark Lord: end game boss, 50000 health and drops very good stuff
-Horses: passive

They must be added
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That perverted cat
• 8/17/2017
Hellstone as a bar is already red
• 9/10/2017
AND IT IS NOT A TERRARIA COPY, MOST OF THESE ITEMS ARE REAL (expect a few items), and they want palladium and platinum coins!! (They are op)
• 7/17/2018
The word hellstone did exist in the world
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