Suggestion for adding items, again

We want more items in psg3


-Cobalt, found in cave 6, needs at least hellstone pickaxe, it is bluish green
-Platinum, found in cave 4 as veins, cave 7 as walls, at least a silver pickaxe can mine it, it is coloured blackish yellow
-Adamant, found in cave 8, mined using mithril pickaxe, resembles iron as a bar, but with blue outline
-Mithril, found in cave 7, requiring a cobalt pickaxe, its colour is similar to the blade
-Aluminium (or aluminum in American English), found in cave 2, needs any pickax, colour is white
-Beryllium, found in cave 3, any pickaxe can mine it, colour is green


-Peaches, bought from farmer as seeds for 1 silver and 50 copper
-Apples, bought from farmer as seeds, for 1 silver and 40 copper, can be cooked
-Bread, a dough can be crafted, using cooking pots, for 3 hay, can be burned in oven, heals 3 health and 10 hunger
-Piña Colada, made in a fermenter, with pineapples, can heal 15 health and 2 hunger
-Ale, made of hay, in fermenters, heals 2 hunger and does 5 damage each time you drink it
-Tea, made of leaves in a fermenter, heals 10 health, and gives you 50 per cent more speed for 15 secs
-Rum, made out of beetroots, using fermenter, heals 1 hunger, and damages you 5 hp
-Cider, made out of apple juices aged in a casket
-Sandwiches, made of 1 bread, 1 flesh and 1 tomato (hamburger), you may use eggs (for an egg sandwich)
-Separate juices, now 1 juice of 1 specific plant! Not even 1 fruit to just make wine (grape juices still named just "Juices")

Crafting stations:

-Gem maker, can make 'fake' gems using 7 ores, made of 25 iron, 25 copper, and 15 glass in a workbench. Compatible ores for making gems: aluminium, berylium, and glass+erbium