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• 8/22/2017

Baby chicks keep dying...

I already understand that hay feeders only work on the adult chickens, I also understand that you need to hand feed the chicks (and they poop after). I am wondering if I am doing something wrong, as when I sit in my chicken coop with tons of hay and feed them as quickly as they will eat the hay, they still lose health and die over time. What's my issue?
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• 8/22/2017
Feeders feed both adult and chicks.

Please make sure feeders have hay, it is not too far away and the path is not blocked.
• 8/25/2017
But cowbeans no matter how close the hay feeders are to the chickens they still die but now that you've done some bug fixes i hope that they dont die anymore because we people need to start farming chickens for in game currency... WE NEED TO BUY FISHING RODS FROM THE MERCHANT AND GET KEYS FOR THE CLOSED CHESTS
• 9/2/2017
Also, even standing there and hand feeding them, they still die. I cannot, regardless of what methods I try, get them to live, or even stop losing life.
• 9/3/2017
mine are like that too! I placed almost ten hay feeders inside with no obstacles, they will still starve to death. So I did some research, I found out that they sometimes seems to only target one of the feeders, so if the feeder they targeted ran out of hay when they want to feed, even though you quickly fill the feeder up afterwards, they will ignore the feeder and starve themselves until they loss one point of health again, so it will trigger them to find another feeder and feed once, but their health will stuck at one point short. In a nutshell, It makes it impossible to feed the chickens to full health hence able to produce eggs once it has starved once.
• 1/9/2018
All chickens and live creatures disappear on death. You die, ur whole cattle farm dissapears
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