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• 8/25/2017

Helping everyone kill cave bosses!

Hi! I am Quax, and i am offering my services to everybody that needs them. I give advice and help (or solo) you kill bosses for the crystals you need for quests. I can kill the worm, slime, devil and tentacle boss. If you need a bat crystal, i have an easier method for you. I use Discord and LINE and i primarily play on the North American servers. Discord ID: DucksRKewl#0296. LINE ID: duckehh101. Feel free to contact me and we can arrange a meeting and so that i can help you.
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• 1/16/2018
Give me your UID
• 2/7/2018
Is this request still valid? If so I have send you a friend request Quax, I am in need help/advice of killing the Devil, please.
• 8/29/2018
I don't have discord but I need help beating the bat boss ( I'm lvl 26 with stupid weapons ) pls help ;-;
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