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• 12/5/2017

Keys and chests.

Storage has too many locked chests, tries to fish for keys to open them, gets more locked chests, soon storage room is full of locked chests... and 0 keys. Am I the only one who thinks the ratios are a bit off? Maybe if we had two ways, a way to get locked chests and a way to get keys. Like I know you can buy em for medals or gems, but I meant a way to get them in survival. Like fishing for chests and fighting bosses for keys, that way if you needed keys you have a separate way and don't get more chests to then fill your storage with.

I'm still getting the gist of the game so correct me if i'm wrong please.
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• 1/9/2018
Quite true, This should be fixed asap before the game is considered pay-to-play
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