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• 4/1/2018

Please Help! I'm sorry if I did something wrong! :'(

I have played PSG1 and PSG2, the I saw PSG3 come out and loved the game since I first started playing. I play it every week, more than PC games, for almost 10 months now. I noticed that you could earn diamonds by completing quests or by watching ads. Every time I saved enough to buy a key but got something bad, I just assumed that I was unlucky. Then the hell chest and hell key came out.
I saved up with diamonds from daily spins and ads for about 1 month and finally got the 350 I needed. I unlocked the hell chest and was really happy with my new bone shield. But I was determined to save up for the key and chest again. Another month has passed and I bought them. I unlocked it and got...another bone shield(same type). Being someone who is too young to work and whose parents do not allow pocket money, I was slightly frustrated. I admit that I tried to cloud load(for the first time,at that point) to get back the diamonds I took so long to save. But I cloud loaded my game data from a while back, which was, the wrong one as I found that I only have my first bone shield from the hell chest and only a few diamonds. So I ended up without the diamonds I saved and even without the second bone shield which I didn't want.
But I didn't stop playing PSG3. However, when I was playing PvP survival mode, my phone troubleshooted and I lost my main items(my cow that I bought with diamonds etc.) so I tried to cloud load again. And I did.
But the final time was when I got a bit frustrated; I have an app which helps me to clear junk on my phone and it wiped out lots of my apps(including PSG3) when I accidentally pressed something. So I reinstalled my apps, along with PSG3 and cloud loaded (again, as I have lost everything). I saw that my other characters were back, but I could not access the main character I usually play with, nor could I go on multiplayer. The system told me to contact support via email so I did it immediately. I understand that Cowbeans is busy but it has been 2-3 days and I'm really frustrated that I cannot play my main character that has all of my hard work.
I checked online for information and someone told me that my character has been locked, that it happens to people who cheat by cloud loading. I am really confused as I never intended to cheat and didn't receive any notifications(the incident with the hell chest failed anyway, but I wasn't sad).
Cowbeans please help me to restore my game data, I really want to continue playing PSG3 and I am truly sorry if I have done anything wrong (and I won't do it again if I have). So pleeeease Cowbeans, please help me! :'( 😭😭😭😭😭

Username : theyeti
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• 6/18/2018
Did tgey ever help
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