• XiNeko

    ERR 400

    July 17, 2019 by XiNeko

    I can’t get on multiplayer even my brother we it’s been so boring playing alone is the gane dead?? anyone please help did the servers shutdown??

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  • Sebbbas

    La verdad es que estiendo el ingles pero me cuesta escribirlo pido ayuda en español o en ingles me he quedado trancado en esta parte del juego y no logro pasar de esa parte he intentado de todo pero es muy fuerte que consejos me dan en español o en ingles para poder matarlo y seguir con el siguiente boss(The truth is that I learn English but I have difficulty writing it. I ask for help in Spanish or in English. I have been locked in this part of the game and I have not managed to pass from that part. I have tried everything but it is very strong that advice is given to me in Spanish or in English to be able to kill him and continue with the next boss)

    todo esto lo traduci con el el traductor de google si ven errores disculpenme(All this I t…

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  • ShinasYoshi

    I'll Start first with the basics

    So once u have created a world/island, Start collecting sticks, rocks, fibers. And im sure u will ask me how to get them (like my sister...) Just use your characters hand to pick them up by presing the giant green button on the right side of the screen, to move u can press and drag in the left side of the screen to make the character move doing the same thing on the left side of the screen makes the character's hands go to the other sides making it able to put anything above his head or below his body or anywhere around him. Im sure the game has tutorials so rely on it for futher help in learning how to play the game. 

    Now let us start with the things we people usually need to get like iron, silver, gold and …

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