Farm animals can be hatched from an Egg. Farm animals need to get fed otherwise it will starve and eventually die.When your animal grows and becomes an adult, they will "lay" special items for you to harvest.

Certain farm animals can become summon-able pet when given the right item.

You can also feed animal and they may give you something special in return.

Please note that if the player dies, your animals will also die.

Image Name Feed Required Harvest Used For
Wiki chicken
Chicken Hay Chicken Egg


Wiki jungleslim
Slime Worm Poo Protecting when fed with slime broth
Wiki worm
Worm Any Fruit / Vegetable Poo Protecting when fed with worm broth
Calf ps3
Cow Hay Poo Ⅱ Harvesting
Calf ps3
Calf Hay Poo Grow a Cow
Mini chicken ps3
Chicklet Hay Poo Grow a Chicken
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