There are 2 different types of work stations.

The first type is "Work Station", when interacted with it will open up a crafting menu with additional crafts.

The second type is "Use with item", when the correct item is held on to and interacted with, the machine will work.

I.E.: The oven will operate when you interact with grass in hand.

Image Name Type Remark
Casket Use with Item Certain items can be aged here
Alchemy Station Work Station Used to craft potions
Altar Use with Item Use Evil Crystals to get random items or monsters
Anvil Work Station Used to make stuff with Bars
Bird Nest Use with item Use to hatch eggs
Bone Bench Work Station Used to craft bone items including altar
Campfire Use with item Provides light
Cooking Pot Work Station Used to make Soup or Broth
Egg Maker Work Station Used to make eggs
Enchantment Table Work Station Used to make enchanting scrolls
Evil Anvil Work Station
Evil Furnace Use with item
Furnace Use with item Used to make bars (5 Ore and Coal makes a bar),

glass (use Sand), jars (use Glass), etc.

Incubator Use with item Hatches all eggs
Loom Use with item
Oven Use with item To dry certain items: Grass -> Hay; Log -> Coal
Ring Forge Use with item
Saw Table Use with item Used to make Wooden Boards by cutting logs,

you earn 2 per log

Seed Maker Use with item To create seeds of the following vegetable or crop
Sewing Machine Work Station
Water Maker Use with Item
Workbench Work Station
Tile Workbench Work Station
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