NPCs (Non Player Characters)​ Edit

The NPCs in the Game are like traders, you can sell items to them and buy their items.

Although EVERYTHING they sell is Overpriced, they are still important to have.

You are expected to get your own Items (in Natural Ways) so if you are going to buy them from the following NPCs, It really won't be cheap...

NPCs Spawn from time to time, They appear and disappear so if you are looking for them, make sure you have a table for them and built a nice cozy house for them to stay in and be safe.


Photo Item Sell Price
Fishing Rod
Fishing Rod 50 Silver coins
Weak Fishing Rod
Weak Fishing Rod 2 Gold coins and 50 silver coins
Strong Fishing Rod
Strong Fishing Rod 10 Gold Coins
Rod Master
Rod Master 20 Gold Coins
Rod Legend
Rod Legend 50 Gold Coins
Stone Arrow
Stone Arrow 35 Copper Coins
Copper Arrow
Copper Arrow 45 Copper Coins
Iron Arrow
Iron Arrow 55 Copper Coins
Chicken Hat
Chicken Hat 15 Gold Coins
Slime Hat
Slime Hat 15 Gold Coins
Worm Hat
Worm Hat 15 Gold Coins
Tenta Hat
Tenta Hat 15 Gold Coins
Merchant Hat
Merchant Hat 15 Gold Coins
Farmer Hat
Farmer Hat 15 Gold Coins
ArmorSmith Hat
Armorsmith Hat 15 Gold Coins
WeaponSmith Hat
Weaponsmith Hat 15 Gold Coins
Jeweller Hat
Jeweller Hat 15 Gold Coins
Spider 945 Gold Coins



Pepper Seed 1 Silver and 96 Copper Coins
Strawberry Seed 2 Silver and 12 Copper Coins
Pumpkin Seed 2 Silver and 28 Copper Coins
Tomato Seed 1 Silver and 96 Copper Coins
Spinach Seed 1 Silver and 16 Copper Coins
Onion Seed 1 Silver and 74 Copper Coins
Potato Seed 1 Silver and 20 Copper Coins
Turnip Seed 1 Silver and 12 Copper Coins
Corn Seed 1 Silver and 72 Copper Coins
Durian Seed 2 Silver and 68 Copper Coins
Grape Seed 2 Silver and 32 Copper Coins
Eggplant Seed 2 Silver and 2 Copper Coins
Melon Seed 2 Silver and 35 Copper Coins
Grass Seed 1 Silver and 15 Copper Coins
Pineapple Seed 2 Silver and 46 Copper Coins
Beet Seed 1 Silver and 25 Copper Coins
Acorn Seed 1 Silver Coin
Cabbage Seed 1 Silver and 44 Copper Coins
Beans Seed 1 Silver and 44 Copper Coins
Fertilizer of Yield 20 Silver Coins
Magic Fertilizer 10 Silver Coins
Chicken Egg 25 Silver Coins
Cow Egg 5 Gold and 55 Silver Coins


Item Price
Adamant Blade 25 Gold Coins
Burning Axe 35 Gold Coins
Bone Club 85 Silver Coins
Chill Sword 28 Gold Coins
Cursed Sword 17 Gold Coins
Dark Edge 15 Gold Coins
Fancy Sword 15 Gold Coins
Mithril Edge 12 Gold Coins
Sharp Blade 20 Gold Coins
Copper 5 Silver Coins
Iron 15 Silver Coins
Coal 5 Silver Coins


Item Price
Topaz 1 Gold Coin
Ruby 1 Gold Coin
Emerald 1 Gold Coin
Sapphire 1 Gold Coin
Jade 1 Gold Coin
Silver 50 Silver Coins
Gold 75 Silver Coin


Item Price
Dark Armor 25 Gold Coins
Soldier Armor 8 Gold Coins
Ice Armor 25 Gold and 50 Silver Coins
Tube Armor 7 Gold Coins
Mithril Plate 30 Gold Coin
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