Pixel Survival Game 3 - Official Trailer

Pixel Survival Game 3 - Official Trailer

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Pixel Survival Game 3 is a popular iPad/iPhone/iPod/Android game created by "Cowbeans".

How will you craft your house on the deserted island? Will you survive alone? Or with a bunch of friends together? How many different plants will you grow? Do you want to ride a horse and race with friends? How about raising some farm animals and monsters, and bring them for treasure finding? ...or do you just want to slay monsters.. and your friends?

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Latest Update

V1.13 (LIVE)

Halloween is here! Let's celebrate with some Hallooofun!
- new Creepy Spider mount that is usable underground
- new fun Halloween Hats with some special abilities
- new items
- new Hell Chest that contains the rarest items
- new Bosses
- new Boss Dungeon for some EPIC challenge
- new Merchant Quest
- bug fixes

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