Plants will grow when they are watered. When plants are unwatered, it increases the time required for it to grow. Example: Beets plant takes 60 in game hours to fully grow. If you missed watering it for 24 hours, the total time required for it to grow becomes 84 hours. (The total time from planting to fully grown would thenfore be the 84 hours to grow, plus the missed 24 or more hours of missed watering, being 108 hours in all.)

Everytime a plant has fully grown, you can hit them with your bare hands and you wil receive 2 crops (3 for potatoes and eggplant). in the case of an Acorn tree, you have to use an Axe.

Grass and Acorn seeds don't need to be watered, but to regrow acorns you will need to re-till the land, as they will produce dirt tiles rather than leave the land hoed.

Image Name Stages Time to harvest Harvest Chance to regrow? Selling price (1 unity)
Acorn 6 106 hr acorn,log,sap,leaf no 2 copper coins
Ancient 6 288 hr key,chest,seed no -
Beans 6 150 hr beans,seed yes 26 copper coins
Beet 6 60 hr beet,seed no 15 copper coins
Cabbage 6 100 hr cabbage,seed yes 24 copper coins
Corn 6 120 hr corn,seed yes 18 copper coins
Durian 6 192 hr durian,seed yes 1 silver coin, 5 copper coins
Eggplant 6 144 hr eggplant,seed yes 17 copper coins
Grape 6 156 hr grape,seed yes
Grass 6 42 hr grass,seed no 1 copper coin
Melon 6 180 hr melon,seed no 96 copper coins
Onion 6 120 hr onion,seed no 46 copper coins
Pepper 6 156 hr pepper,seed yes 24 copper coins
Pineapple 6 216 hr pineapple,seed no 1 silver coin, 12 copper coins
Potato 6 52 hr potato,seed no 8 copper coins
Pumpkin 6 240 hr pumpkin,seed no 1 silver coin, 28 copper coins
Spinach 6 48 hr spinach,seed no 10 copper coins
Strawberry 6 192 hr strawberry,seed yes 28 copper coins
Tomato 6 126 hr tomato,seed yes 24 copper coins
Turnip 5 36 hr turnip,seed no 7 copper coins

Below are the Health and Hunger restorative values given when you eat these. Some crops can be cooked to increase hunger value given (such as beet) and some can be cooked to increase health value given (such as cabbage), while a few can be cooked to increase both health and hunger given (such as potatoes and yellow shrooms).

Note that cooked foods cannot substitute for uncooked food in any crafting recipe, and in many cases lowers the sell price (with the exception of mushrooms)

Food Health Hunger Cook? Cooked Values

Beans 2 2 No

Beet 3. 3. Yes 3,5,3 Copper Coins

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