There are 2 types of quests. NPC quests which you can complete when you interact with NPCs and your game quests which can be found inside your inventory, the "!" button at the top.

Completing quests will get you EXP as well as rewards such as diamonds. The first few quests are just collecting resources quests to get you warmed up. The first true quest begins when you are required to kill the WORM.

The WORM is a dangerous monster if you are not prepared, and it can be found in the first level of the caves.

Remember, completing your quests, in most of times, DOES CONSUMES the required Item!


Quest Name Required Itens Rewards
Survival Tutorial 1 5x Stick
Survival Tutorial 2 5x Rock
Survival Tutorial 3 1x Wooden Board
Survival Tutorial 4 1x Wooden Wall
Survival Tutorial 5 1x Wooden Floor Tile Repair Stone
Survival Tutorial 6 1x Cooked Beet
Survival Tutorial 7 1x Skull
Survival Tutorial 8 1x Copper Bar
Survival Tutorial 9 1x Turnip
Giant Protein 1x Worm Crystal Unlock Floor 2 & Iron Chest
Ready to Farm 1x Hoe
Watering the soil 1x Watering Bucket
Ready to Harvest 1x Cooked Turnip
Time to Stairs down 1x Stairs Scroll of Enchant Weapon
Slime King 1x Slime Crystal Unlock Floor 3 & Gold Chest
A New Friend 1x Merchant Table
Antique 1x Casket
Where are you, Farmer? 1x Farmer Table
Devil Obstacle 1x Devil Crystal Unlock Floor 4 & 3 Diamonds
Find the Armorsmith 1x Armorsmith Table
Find the Weaponsmith 1x Weaponsmith Table
Vicious Hands 1x Tentacle Crystal Unlock Floor 6 & 5 Diamonds
Bat Infest 1x Bat Crystal Unlock Floor 7 & 5 Diamonds

==> Merchant Quests Edit

Quest Name Required Items Rewards
Down to business 1x Copper
Down to business 2 1x Iron
Down to business 3 1x Silver
Down to business 4 1x Gold
Down to business 5 1x Erbium
Down to business 6 25x Hell ore Hell Chest

==> Weaponsmith Quests Edit

Quest Name Required Items Rewards
Dull Blades 1x Copper Sword
Fine Iron 1x Iron Sword
Royal SIlver 1x Silver Sword
Gold Rush 1x Gold Sword
Master Erbium 1x Erbium Sword

==> Armorsmith Quests Edit

Quest Name Required Items Rewards
Woody! 1x Wood Armor Copper Coin
Copper Defense 1x Copper Armor Copper Coin
Iron Love 1x Iron Armor Copper Coin
Silver Shines 1x Silver Armor Copper Coin
Gold Armor 1x Gold Armor Silver Coin
Erbium Devils 1x Erbium Armor

==> Farmer Quests Edit

Quest Name Required Items Rewards
Farmer's Love 10x Grass
Farmer's Love 2 1x Chicken Egg
Farmer's Love 3 10x Hay
Farmer's Love 4 10x Chicken Egg
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